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For all agent products, we provide unparalleled technical support for software and equipment related issues via our Shenzhen or Suzhou offices. You can request assistance via phone, fax, e-mail.

ReliaSoft Pre-sales Support

♦  Providing an entire introduction to ReliaSoft Corporation and its core business

♦  Providing an comprehensive introduction to the reliability software tools

♦  Providing supports for reliability software tools download, installation and activation

♦  Providing reliability software tools free trial period extension

♦  Providing enquiries for basic reliability 

♦  Providing online software demonstration by experts and basic reliability knowledge explaining

♦  Providing answers to reliability-related questions and simple life data analysis

♦  Providing technical supporter on site visiting, business analysis and software demonstration

♦  Arranging experts on site visiting if necessary

♦  Arranging online conference with experts

♦  Providing introduction to all different license types

♦  Providing training course enquiry  

♦  Providing consulting service enquiries

Equipment pre-sale support

♦  Providing you with product data such as product descriptions 、user manual etc
♦  Providing timely and thoroughly enquiry in the aspect of technology and commercial
♦  Sending experienced engineer for customer’s site inspection at no charge, and providing optimised design proposals