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For all agent products, we provide unparalleled technical support for software and equipment related issues via our Shenzhen or Suzhou offices. You can request assistance via phone, fax, e-mail.

ReliaSoft After-sales Support

♦  Providing enquiry for software application and maintainence

♦  Pvoviding support for software register, action, installation, software fault and changing user and so on

♦  Providing on site software trainging based on the contract

♦  To ensure our unparalleled after-sales service, we will response to the after-sales issues within 2 days via email or phone

♦  Please contact our technical support engineers or sales persons via email or phone

Equipment after-sales service

Service engineer could provide customer with maintenance and upgrading service for well-known environmental chamber both at home and abroad.

Repair service

♦  Control type including temperature /humidity /vibration/controlling system/sensor failure.etc

♦  Refrigeration type including refrigerant leakage, pipe welding, repairing valve failure, replacing filter , lubrication for compressor, condenser cleaning.etc

♦  Heating type including repairing heater, replacing connector and timer.etc

♦  Mechanical type including repairing motor, fan and chamber structure .etc

♦  Humidity type including repairing humidity pipe, drain pipe and humidity and de-humidity system.etc

Maintenance service:

 ♦  Single maintenance
♦  Annual maintenance