Valter Loll M.Sc, B.Com

Former Bang & Olufsen Quality Manager for product development. Valter Loll has also been with Nokia Mobile Phones from 1998 until 2009 as “Scientist, Quality and Reliability development”.


Kirk Gray

Over 20 years of demonstrated warranty costs reduction using accelerated stress testing. Methods used capitalize on the existing but hidden inherent stress limits and margins in electronic hardware.  Most recently with Dell Computers.


Doug Lamond

Reliability engineer with twenty years’ experience and with significant expertise in the processing and qualifying of lead-free material for RoHS compliance of electronic devices.  Formerly with HP managing Power Supply Development.  Currently supporting FOXCONN in China


Ed Kyser, PhD

Consultant for electronic hardware reliability issues. He has directed HALT and HASS programs at Cisco Systems, Compaq, and Tandem Computers. Dr. Kyser, the author of several articles on accelerated stress test, holds seven U.S. patents. His Ph.D. is from U.C. Berkeley in applied mechanics.

Tom Peters

Tom is Qualmark’s resident expert in HALT and HASS testing at our Denver facility. Tom spent 15yrs with Tektronix in test, service, program management and applications
  Tom’s other experiences include quality engineering and new product development for medial lasers and long term experience in Qualmark’s HALT testing Labs….


Walter Wu

Senior HALT&HASS Application Specialist. Technical expert for Asia for Qualmark. Mr. Wu has 12+ years of experience in HALT&HASS applications.  Walter supports QMRK customers to successful apply HALT&HASS with their products, and helps to solve customer problems in HALT&HASS applications and equipments..


Neill Doertenbach

Sr HALT Applications Engineer.  Neill’s experience perform customer specific projects and general HALT testing for over 15yrs gives him the unique ability to view a product and suggest latent failure modes that can be discovered with the HALT test method.

Chris Laplante

HALT Reliability Engineer, Qualmark Corp.  Formerly with Honeywell Aerospace Chris has extensive experience as a Reliability, Maintainability, and Systems Safety Engineer.   Chris is specializing in the development of HASS fixtures and HASS/HASA Screen development at the QMRK Denver Center of Excellence.