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Since 2004 Qinda has been dedicating to provide advanced and top-end equipments, technologies and solutions from oversea countries to China. Today, the reliability offering is comprehensive and diversified to satisfy needs of customer fully, encompassing supply of equipments, software, R&M service, consulting and training. We are able to support customer to set up a full sustainable reliability operating system throughout an organization from beginning.

We have a passion to build a strong customer relationship, by quality and value on a continual basis and view your success as our success. Quality, innovation, value and service are Qinda’s core culture that enhances our continuous success in China market.

 In the welding business, we are so proud of being the fore frontier introducer of Electron Beam Direct Manufacturing technology into China. This technology is the only large-scale, fully programmable means to achieve near-net-shape parts, allow manufacturers to save time and money over traditional manufacturing and prototype process. This world-leading additive manufacturing technology is groundbreaking and will bring aviation and avionic industries a much cost saving and faster manufacturing process.

Qinda is expertise of China market explorer, capable of solving intricate problems and mastering many high-end industries in China like avionics, automotives, electronics, defense, medical, oil & gas exploration, telecom etc. Simply put, we have unique insights that generate tangible and measurable impact marked with powerful leaps and breakthroughs.

With our broad range of capabilities – across human capital, strategy and operations, technology, we are glad to share this spirit and looking forward to cooperating for a win-win opportunity with you anytime.